Sofia 305 days 43 weeks 01

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Sofia (305 days / 43 weeks) 01    00:13:41

Sofia | Crawling/standing/walking, Curiosity, Resilience, Separation, Siblings, Silence, Will, Wondering

Sofia is on the carpet exploring some toys. Nomsa has left her there with the toys while she tidies up and prepares to go home. Mom and the boys are playing some kind of “musical-chairs” game downstairs.

Sofia drags herself from where she is playing to the bookshelf with books and toys on it. She pulls herself into a standing position and reaches up, knocking three small cardboard books to the ground. Sofia lowers herself back onto the carpet and starts to play with one of the books. She mouths it, holds it, turns it over and looks at the images inside. Occasionally she looks at the filmmaker or just stares off into space. The music from downstairs starts and stops and mom and the boys’ voices are audible.

After several minutes she starts to crawl out of the room and down the passage. She hears Nomsa in the bathroom, pushes the door open and crawls in. Nomsa has changed her clothes and is getting ready to leave. Sofia plays with the glass shower door. Pushing against it she stands up. The door swivels, almost catching her fingers a few times. Nomsa enters and seems to check that she is not getting caught in the door and then leaves. Sofia sits down and turns her attention to Nomsa’s boots and starts playing with them.

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