Sofia 248 days 35 3 weeks 01

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Sofia (248 days / 35.3 weeks) 01    00:07:46

Sofia | Attachment (secure/insecure), Communication, Crawling/standing/walking, Expectation, Expression, Frustration, Intrusion, Mimicking, Pleasure

Sofia is playing alone in Luca’s room. Shirley enters and starts asking Sofia what she’s doing. Sofia tries to drag herself towards Shirley but struggling, begins to cry. Shirley picks her up and they sit together on a child-sized chair. Shirley holds Sofia towards the camera as well as facing her. They interact closely with Sofia making sounds that Shirley mimics. Both laugh and smile. A car passes on the street below. Sofia, hearing the car, looks towards the window and gestures with her hands. This is where mom and dad’s cars would arrive home. Sofia lifts her shoulders and Shirley responds saying “Tata, Tata [bye-bye]”. There are times in the playing where Sofia seems to be waiting for an expected action. When it happens she laughs. There are other times where her expression is less easy to read and is a mix between pleasure and uncertainty.

People you will meet:

Shirley 1

Shirley House-Keeper