Sofia 140 days 20 Weeks 02

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Sofia (140 days / 20 Weeks) 02    00:11:48

Sofia | Fathers, Gaze, Helplessness, Holding/impinging (environment), Internalising, Parental protection, Presence/absence, Self-regulation, Siblings

Continuing from Clip 01: Raphael asks mom if he can carry Sofia. She is carefully handed over and mom goes off, asking Raphael to look after Sofia on the red ottoman. His attempts to keep her occupied/take care of her range from kisses, wet raspberry blowing on her feet and tummy, leaning over her and moving back and forth and asking her questions. This continues for about 5 minutes. At times Sofia laughs, at other times she cries and/or pushes herself backwards away from Raphael, towards the edge of the ottoman. At one point she seems to vocalise “uh uh”. The filmmaker moves around to place herself between Sofia and the floor. When Raphael is called away Sofia is left on the ottoman. When she begins to express distress, she looks up at the filmmaker, almost smiles and spends some minutes showing a range of expressions of uncertainty through her facial, vocal and physical actions. When mom comes outside to start laying the table, Sofia’s eyes seem to follow the sounds of the activities but there is no interaction with her for another 6 minutes. After this time dad comes downstairs and notices Sofia on the ottoman. “Baby (he says to mom), I know Andy’s here but you can’t just leave Fia alone on the couch like this”. "I’ve been watching her all this time. She hasn’t moved” mom says.

People you will meet:

Bea floral

Beatriz Mom

Geoff dad

Geoff Dad


Raphael Oldest Brother

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