Leago 91 days 01

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Leago (91 days / 13 weeks) 01    00:11:02

Leago | Maternal Presence/Absence, Communication, Wondering, Pleasure, Gaze, Play, Celebration

Leago is in his chair. Mom is playing with him, trying to get him to hold a rattle. After putting it in his hand a few times, Leago manages to hold and move the rattle himself. Mom praises him “You’re so smart, right?”. For several minutes this play continues, with Leago holding the rattles and mouthing them. He watches mom’s face. There are moments when he seems startled by the sudden noise of the rattle and responds, pulling away slightly from mom's persistence.

Leago switches his attention towards the filmmaker and camera and begins mouthing his hands and moving his tongue around. Mom comments that he is no longer paying attention to her.

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Sue Mom

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