Leago 357 days 50 5 weeks 01

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Leago (357 days / 50.5 weeks) 01    00:11:56

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Awareness of Camera, Communication, Crawling/standing/walking, Mimicking, Play, Separation

Leago is playing with mom on the floor. He has just finished his bath and dressing. Mom picks up the remaining bath items and leaves the room. On her way out she shows Leago his toy dog, making barking noises. Leago watches and then crawls over to the filmmaker, reaching up to get hold of the fluffy microphone wind-shield. He stares at the camera, standing between the filmmaker’s legs. He opens and closes her legs before walking a few steps in mom’s direction clapping his hands as mom sings the words to “Happy Birthday”.

They play with the dog together making barking sounds before playing a game of hide and seek, with Leago crawling behind the sofa while mom chases behind him and then the action reverses, with Leago making an effort to chase mom. They play some soccer, with Leago managing to push the ball back to mom, and they stand and dance together as mom sings a song that we have often heard her sing to him.

Leago follows mom to the kitchen and then returns with her to sit on the floor. Mom hides her face behind her hands and Leago copies, covering his ears. “Like this” says mom, trying to get Leago to cover his eyes instead of his ears. Mom lies down on the floor, stretched out. Leago crawls over to her and starts to climb over her, pushing himself up using her body, and crawling around and over her.

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