Leago 294 days 42 weeks 02b

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Leago (294 days / 42 weeks) 02    00:12:25

Leago | Bathing, Crawling/standing/walking, Drive, Expectation, Mimicking, Play, Pleasure, Presence/absence

Leago is placed into the plastic bath. At times he kicks and splashes, watching the water. Mom tries to stop him but he continues.

After bathing Leago crawls around on the floor before mom catches him. “I’m going to strangle you” she says. Mom goes to pour out the bathwater and returns to a crawling Leago. She puts him on a towel and put powder and rubs cream onto Leago’s body. They play together with much laughter as mom surges towards and away from Leago, making sounds. Mom asks Leago his name and replies with the answer. When mom says “Hip-hip” Leago raises his hands above his head, in preparation for her “Hooray”. Leago starts making blowing noises and mom copies him. He smiles at his sounds. Mom, struggling to pull Leago’s t-shirt over his head and squeeze his arms through the armholes, tells him “I’m going to drop you”, “Should I drop you?”

Mom is trying to get Leago to clap his hands but instead he reaches up and feels her face before crawling away. Finally, in response to mom’s “clap your hands”, Leago turns around, and sitting, claps his hands.

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