Banele 270 days 38 4 weeks 02

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Banele (270 days / 38.4 weeks) 02    00:14:15

Banele | Attachment (secure/insecure), Drive, Fathers, Feeding, Frustration, Holding/impinging (environment), Presence/absence, Sensitivity, Sibling Rivalry, Silence, Sleep

Continuing from clip 01:

Banele is still being fed from the bottle, lying back on dad’s lap. Zanele is perched on the arm of the couch, just behind Banele and dad. She is leaning onto dad who, after a while, instructs her to move round onto the couch. Banele is sucking from the bottle but is almost asleep. Zanele is trying to find a place on the couch next to dad and Banele. Dad looks at her, using his eyes to tell her to make more space between them. Zanele touches Banele’s feet momentarily before moving further away. The TV is on and dad is watching. Everyone is sleepy. Banele wakes crying and is quickly given a different bottle, now with tea not water, to get him back to sleep. He settles quickly and falls asleep sucking. Dad glances at the filmmaker a few times in silence. Dad too falls asleep and Zanele lies on her edge of the couch, eyes shut, coughing occasionally.

People you will meet:


Sizwe Dad


Zanele Youngest Sister

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